Medical Definition: (TIH-nee-uh VER-sih-kuh-ler) An eruption of tan or brown, scaly patches on the skin of the trunk (sometimes on your neck and face), caused by the fungus Pityrosporum furfur or the yeast Malassezia furfur while often appearing white in contrast with hyperpigmented skin after exposure to intense sunlight (e.g., from tanning). Tinea versicolor can also be called pityriasis versicolor or misspelled as tinia or tenia versicolor.   

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Tinea Versicolor Treatment Testimony

"I've chronically dealt with tinea versicolor for almost 3 years now. I've tried everything on the market but nothing would completely kill this skin infection. I was shocked how quickly your simple tinea versicolor treatment worked in just a few days; I've been tinea versicolor free for a few months now with zero flare ups.

I can finally say good-bye to this aggravating, patchy skin condition and get back to wearing my bathing suits go out tanning and my strapless shirts without embarrassment."
--Brandie P.


Tinea Versicolor Treatment Testimony

"I've been plagued with tinea versicolor for 5+ years and it's been a complete nightmare for me. The summer time is the worst since I was embarrassed to have my shirt off in front of people. I had the tinea versicolor all over my chest and back!

I tried the different tinea versicolor treatments available on the market, either from what my dermatologist had recommended or trying alternative products like the selenium sulfide (i.e., selsun blue), essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil, colloidal silver, and the ZNP Bar/Lamisil to no avail. I would initially notice that the aforementioned tinea versicolor treatments were working in the beginning but after I stopped treatment within a week or two the symptoms returned.

After following your simple instructions, I began noticing immediate results within 24 hours and I was tinea versicolor free within 4-5 days. I still had spots of skin discoloration from being infected for so long but after a few weeks my skin naturally returned to its normal color. It's been over one year now and I haven't had one reoccurrence of the tinea versicolor. Thanks you for such a simple and fast solution! "
--Baird J.


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FINALLY, A Simple, Safe, & Natural Tinea Versicolor Treatment To Rid Your Body (i.e., scalp, face, neck, chest, arms, back, stomach, butt, groin, legs), In 7 days Or Less, And Let "Mother Nature" To Naturally Return Your Skin Back To It's Original, Healthy Condition!


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What most people don't realize is that the tinea versicolor fungus or yeast is difficult to cure since it's able to latch itself not only onto your skin but also onto your clothing: shirts, bras, undergarments, towels and bedding (e.g., sheets, blankets, pillow cases).

Each time you rid your skin of the tinea versicolor with prescribed medications, homeopathic or other alternative treatments (e.g., selsun blue shampoo), or natural remedies (e.g., tea tree oil), tinea versicolor comes back 95% of the time since these infected items come in contact with your skin once again.

Tinea-Versicolor.com has the only complete and final tinea versicolor solution that is totally safe and effective for you and your family.

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Are you ready to end your tinea versicolor frustration? You can begin your first tinea versicolor home remedy in less than one hour from now! Our proven tinea versicolor treatment solution can be found at your local grocery store or retail outlet--only 3 inexpensive but natural & safe ingredients! In over 80% of the homes, two of the ingredients can be found in your cupboards.

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If you can make tea or coffee then you too can follow our simple instructions to quickly free your body from the tinea versicolor fungus or yeast! Our Tinea Versicolor Treatment eBook reveals how easy it is to mix and apply the tinea versicolor solution for immediate results in--7 days or less--from your body and--instantly--from your clothing, towels, and bedding.

In the Tinea Versicolor Treatment eBook, you'll learn...

Tinea Versicolor Treatment eBook
  • the surprising ways to catch tinea versicolor
  • finally learn the unknown causes of tinea versicolor
  • common symptoms of tinea versicolor that sometimes even stump your doctor (e.g., dermatologist)
  • is tinea versicolor contagious and who catches this insidious skin infection (i.e., to some it resembles a rash)
  • the risk factors associated with tinea versicolor and why the sooner you treat yourself the better
  • why it's more cost effective, safer and easier to treat tinea versicolor than buying shampoo, lotions or pills
  • why our simple tinea versicolor treatment formulation is the best solution to treat, prevent and stop tinea versicolor from reoccurring
  • the magic behind our simple tinea versicolor treatment formulation and why it's so gentle and safe for your skin but still able to rid the tinea versicolor
  • the 3 ingredients are easy to find, even if you live in a small town, hidden from the world
  • it only takes 1-2 minutes max to put our tinea versicolor treatment together
  • practically fragrant-free, simple to apply, and dries quickly
  • Notice a dramatic difference in your skin within a few days by using our natural tinea versicolor treatment
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